Herding filters in the paper & print sector

Herding dust extraction plants are used in the paper & print sector during paper production, paper processing, printing and printing cylinder machining. The range of units used extends from the Herding COMP for low-rate, pin-point air extraction at lasers to the Herding FLEX for paper dust and modules for paper production lines.

Areas of application include for example:

  • Printing, e.g. the extraction of toner
  • Pin-point extraction at lasers used for engraving and perforating jobs
  • Cutting and sawing of paper edges and cardboard
  • Shredding
  • Packing

Special properties and characteristics of the Herding® sinter-plate filter are:

  • A high rate of separation protects personnel and machinery resp. ensures the print quality
  • Long service life and low wear enhance safety and reduce spending on spare parts and servicing
  • Coordinated systems with pre-separators ensure that the plant does not become clogged with paper fibers

Herding manufactures both the filter media and the filter plants, including whole systems. Productivity can therefore be drastically improved, regardless of whether the customer requires a new plant, a modernization or an upgrade.