Herding FLEXTOP80


The Herding® FLEXTOP80 is used for the venting of silos and storage tanks. The housing consists of a rugged, cylindrical steel structure.

A horizontal slotted plate divides the housing into a lower raw gas compartment and an upper clean gas compartment.

Located inside the clean gas compartment is a cleaning unit. Air leaves the clean gas compartment either through a gap between the housing and a discharge hood or via a socket in the housing cover or wall.

In the raw gas compartment the filter elements are arranged vertically and can project into the silo. They are held by the foot at the bottom with a locating bar. The Herding FLEXTOP80 is flanged to the silo either directly or using an adaptor piece.


  • The Herding® sinter-plate filter works with a high rate of separation and therefore helps to protect the environment and recover a lot of material
  • Long service life reduces maintenance and running costs
  • Sturdy filter media also permit a high surge load


If permitted by the maximum filling, the filter height can be reduced by having the elements project into the silo.