Avoidance of ignition sources


The analysis of ignition sources and ignition hazards must consider the origin of the ignition sources:

  • Ignition sources on the unit itself
  • Ignition sources from the dust
  • Ignition sources entering from the outside


The absence of ignition sources inside the filter unit is guaranteed by Herding® filter units with structural equipotential bonding, powder-coated components with a disruptive discharge voltage of less than 4 kV, and use of the corrrect Herding® sinter-plate filter element type.

Spark pre-separators with a compact ceramic bulk bed prevent ignition sources from entering the Herding filter unit.

Continuous dust discharge devices reduce the amount and duration of dust in storage, thus preventing spontaneous ignition of the dust.


Herding® sinter-plate filter elements are available not only as electrically non-chargeable version but also as conductive (antistatic) version.